When your child signs for the Club we charge an initial £40.00 membership fee for the year. 

We have then unfortunately had to increase our fees this year due to VAT registration which took place before the start of last season. We generally are not charge VAT on almost all purchases and so aren't in a position to claim any back, due to this we have just lost income (almost £18,000) one the past year. So we have had to adjust and adapt this season to incorporate that. However it does mean if you wish to pay your subscriptions in one yearly fee we can provide a VAT invoice for your subscriptions.

We have also adjusted our fees to reflect the value the children receive from us as a Club. We are again striving to provide all new kit at the start of the season (utilising some of last years items too).


The Club then charges a weekly subscription fee of:

Real FC (U7-U12) - £12.00 (Inc. VAT)

This is due for ten months of the year. This covers all training, matches, kit, tournaments and internal competitions and sessions. 

We can accept payment in the following ways:

0     One full payment of (U7-U12) - £480.00                                                   Payable on 1st September 2020

0     Two half-season payments of (U7-U12) - £240.00                                        Payable on 1st Sept 2020 + 1st Feb 2021

0     Ten monthly payments of (U7-U12) - £48.00                                                Payable on 1st every month, Sept 2020 - June 2021

We can accept payment in two forms. For option one and two we accept cash or cheque made payable to 'Real FC Ltd' or a bank transfer clearly referenced with your child's name. For option three we would need you to set up a standing order clearly referenced with your child's name and age group to go into the Club account on the 1st of each month. 

It is ESSENTIAL this is set up for the 1st as with us having so many players in the Club it assists us in ensuring we can commit to the fees we have to pay every month and saves us a lot of time when recording payments. 


6Name of Bank : Barclays Bank     Account Name : Real FC Ltd     Account Number : 53048446     Sort Code : 20-05-57

If you have any problems or issues with any of the above requirements, please don't hesitate in contacting the Managing Director as there may be measures the Club can take to assist you.