At Real FC we have incredibly strong academy links. We have a very impressive reputation with all clubs for developing players with fantastic talent but more than that are great children to coach and real 'learners' that want to develop and improve. 

We have, since the Club started been able to extend the opportunity to our strongest sides to go in and play exhibition matches at professional clubs training grounds and have a large amount of children train with their development and elite squads. This season we anticipate our most successful yet with games against Charlton, Crystal Palace, Chelsea, Liverpool, Aston Villa, Spurs, Brighton and West Ham already lined up. 

Below is some of the fantastic players that have come through our development pathway and now play within professional academies and regional talent centres (girls). 

We are very proud of all the players that have progressed through our coaching and gone on to some great things. It is incredibly rewarding for us to have played a part in that development but have to stress it is down to that individual child's hard work, talent and ability to take on board what they are taught and utilise that knowledge that has taken them as far as they have got now and on in the future to hopefully even bigger and better things!! 

Regardless of what the future holds for them they'll always have a place here at Real FC!!

SEASON 2021/2022


Millwall FC - Nacho Godoy U11

SEASON 2020/2021


Chelsea FC - Kobi Ugbana U8

Gillingham FC - Jack Owlett U8

SEASON 2019/2020


Crystal Palace - Henry Molyneux U15

Charlton Athletic - Tobore Agbandje U10

Fulham FC - Ramarn White U8

Fulham FC - Micah Braimah U8

SEASON 2018/2019


Charlton Athletic - Reuben Jones-Lartey U8

Charlton Athletic - Levi Rufus U8

SEASON 2017/2018


Charlton Athletic - Anthony Hayward U8

(Since been released)

Charlton Athletic - Symeon Andrews U8

Crystal Palace FC - Kairo Smith-Phillips U8

Crystal Palace FC - Liam Danaher U8

(Since been released)

Tottenham Hotspur FC - Yerime Ouattara U10

SEASON 2016/2017


Millwall FC - Henry Bentley U8

Millwall FC - Keiran Francis U8

(Since been released)

West Ham United - Camilo Godoy U8

Chelsea FC - Joshua Tahou U8

Crystal Palace FC - Sam Trim U8

(Since been released)

Crystal Palace FC - Billy Beaumont U8

(Since left)

Brighton RTC - Eden Naish U9

(Since left)

SEASON 2015/2016


Charlton Athletic FC - Jack Belton U8

Tottenham Hotspur FC - Jesse Rowe U8

(Now with Crystal Palace FC)

Tottenham Hotspur FC - Jermain Essien U8

(Now with Fulham FC)

Chelsea FC - Leo Umeh U8

Chelsea FC - Sol Gordon U8

Chelsea FC - Prince Adegoke U13

Crystal Palace FC - Euan Danaher U8

Crystal Palace FC - Bobby Slatter U8

SEASON 2014/2015


Charlton Athletic FC - Samuel Sene-Richardson U8

Tottenham Hotspur FC - Nii-Quaye 'Fate' Kotey U8

(Now with Fulham FC)

Chelsea FC - Nehemy 'Paul-Elie' Guirieoulou U8

(Since been released)

Arsenal FC - Justin Oguntolu U8

(Now with Tottenham Hotspur FC)