Club Langley JFC was formed in August 2011 and after seven seasons we were strongly looked at as one of the best youth football clubs around. Our coaching company 'Achieve Your Goal Ltd' based at Club Langley in Beckenham, run coaching courses and midweek sessions along with holiday courses and birthday parties. 


On the 1st April 2018 an incredible partnership took place where these became one to form Real FC.


There are fundamental errors and problems with the way Grassroots football is run and played out. 

We strongly believe there was a better way for our young players. A way that will facilitate their development much better across all the ages as they grow through the Club and provide a much safer and more secure environment where they can express themselves, which will assist them to reach their full potential. This is what we created with our 'Seasons' programme under the banner of Real FC - with everything else we provide, we hope to evolve 'Grassroots' football and provide a fantastic arena where children can play without the fear of mistakes and provide a minimal-pressure environment which brings out the best of the players and the coaches within that.  

With our holiday and term-time coaching programmes and local school links ,we have formed something much more than just a team or a coaching group. We are renowned for the fact of being a 'Club' in the true sense of the word with players and families across all ages coming together to form strong bonds and friendships. We allow every child to develop and flourish under our guidance and be part of this family now, and as they grow.